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Syno Download Redirector is an extension for Opera browser that helps to redirect URLs which are to be downloaded by your Synology network attached storage device.

With Syno Download Redirector, you can easily redirect links to your Synology Download Station. Simply copy the link, paste it in and hit Enter. The link will be then immediately added to queue in Download Station, without the need to use Synology Web Manager.

You can also quickly view current download tasks, and pause or cancel them. Moreover, number of finished tasks (or finished and seeding) is displayed in badge directly on the button and updated every 5 minutes.

Additionally, instead of copy-pasting links, you can click a redirection link directly on the following sites:

NOTICE: Because this extension refreshes task list every 5 minutes (or 5 seconds when task list is opened) it will prevent your DiskStation from hibernating while Opera browser is running.

Download Syno Download Redirector extension for Opera browser


Extension's thread on official Synology forums
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How do I use it?

Install, configure, copy link, open popup, paste link with Ctrl+V, hit Enter or click the "add" button.

I can't open context menu with right click, how do I paste a link into the box?

This is a flaw in Opera extension's API, you need to use Ctrl+V.

It gives me errors even tough connection parameters are correct.

Log into Disk Station Manager, launch Download Station and make sure that target directory is correctly specified for the user you are logging in as.

I have troubles setting connection using HTTPS.

See this picture.

What does the second button do?

Use it to reconnect to Disk Station if something goes wrong.

Something is still wrong, I don't know what to do!

Email me (a . guderski on, I'll do my best to help you.